Valkyrie Raw Silk Longline Underbust Corset

Valkyrie Raw Silk Longline Underbust Corset

Longline underbust corset fits low over the hips in white raw silk dupion, also available in a selection of colours. Cut to give a fabulous hourglass shape while still allowing plenty of room at the ribcage and hips.

This corset is cut to give a 4-6" waist reduction.


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Corset Measuring Guide from Curves and Corsets

A: Bust   Measure round the fullest part of the bust while wearing a supportive, unpadded bra.

B: Underbust

C: Waist   Measure round the waist at the smallest point.

D: High hip   Measure around your hips at the top of your hip bones.

E: Full hips   Measure your hips at the fullest point.

F1: Torso length   Measure from the underbust line to the natural waistline.

F2: Measure from natural waistline to high hip.

G: Bra size

H: Height

Please take care when measuring as corsets made to incorrect measurements supplied by the customer cannot be returned.

Measurements should be taken over an unpadded bra, preferably not after a full meal. When taking measurements around the body take care that the tape measure does not slip down, it should be snug but not too tight.

It may be useful to have someone help you to measure to insure they are as accurate as possible.

Double check all your measurements. If there are any you are unsure of feel free to ask our advice.


It is important to measure yourself regularly, remembering that your bra size can alter due to exercise, diet or the time of the month. By not wearing the correct size bra your boobs will not have the support they need which can lead to neck, shoulder or back ache. Wearing the correct sized bra is also very important when measuring for a corset.

>Please be aware that the calculations are only a guide.

Bra Measuring from Curves and Corsets

To obtain your bra size, measure tightly directly under your bust. Make sure the tape measure is level around your body and at the root of the bust. This will be measurement A.

Next measure over the fullest part of the bust . Again, ensure that the tape measure is level around your bust whilst ensuring that you do not squash the bust. This will be measurement B.

Bra Size Calculator ****Please be aware that this bra size calculator is based on reseach that we have carried out. Again, please only use as a guide but I would love to hear your feedback. If you are feeling especially brave, (once your have found a well fitting bra) please email me your bra size and “A” and “B” measurements to aid my research into producing more accurate size calculations.****

Enter measurement A (Inches)  
Enter measurement B (Inches)
Your Calculated Bra size is

A well fitting bra will have the following:

-The chest band should be horizontal around the body and should not ride up at the back. This should mean it is firm but comfortable and ideally you should be able to fit two fingers under the band at any point.

-The wires at the front of the bra should lie flat against your rib cage (sternum) and should not dig-in, rub or poke your boobs.

-The cup of the bra should fully enclose each boob without causing any wrinkling of the fabric. At the top of the bra, the fabric should meet your boobs with a smooth line without a gap or ridge. Even when you raise your arms up, the boobs should remain enclosed in the cup of the bra.

-Your breasts should not bulge over the top or sides of the cups and should not create a ridge. With the straps correctly fitted, they should not dig into your shoulders or cause the back of the bra to ride up. At the other extreme, the straps should not fall off your shoulders.

If all the above features are correct, your boobs should be primarily supported by the band and not just the shoulder straps. The bra should therefore be comfortable to wear enabling you to move and breath easily.
You should use the above criteria as your primary method for finding you bra size. It will involve trying on lots of different sized bras! To get you going in the right direction you can use the calculator above to enable you to measure your bra size..

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